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Charles Brandes slams indexingCharles Brandes and Morningstar’s Rudy Luukko discuss active versus passive investing. Herd mentality hurts economy, veteran value manager says.

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How to invest in a sideways marketSideways markets deliver below-average returns, and we probably have a few more years to go, said Kim Shannon, president and chief investment officer of Sionna Investment Managers, at the firm’s 2014 financial market review. However, there is an upside. “Canada has been outperforming the U.S….if history repeats itself, that outperformance should continue,” she added.

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Majority of Canadians unclear over feesMatthew Brundage, vice president of marketing at Bridgehouse Asset Managers, discusses CRM2, fee disclosure, and the importance of making sure investors understand the benefit they receive from financial advice.


Our favourite non-core fundsBrandes Investment Partners’ emerging markets committee applies the same deep-value philosophy used across all Brandes equity funds. The strategy focuses on buying stocks at large discounts to estimated intrinsic value to provide a margin of safety, which has helped provide downside protection compared to other emerging market funds.


Our favourite core fundsYou typically don’t see many true-blue value investors focused on Canadian stocks, but manager Kim Shannon is an exception to the rule. Her focus on stocks with defensive traits has led to below-average losses in down markets.