Lazard Global Managed Volatility Fund Series F (CAD)

  • Distribution Frequency: Annually
  • Number of Holdings: 207
  • Total Net Assets: C$26 M


The Lazard Global Managed Volatility Fund invests in 175–250 developed market companies of all sizes and seeks to deliver steady, above market returns with volatility that is 20%–40% below market. The Fund is fully diversified across sectors, industries, capitalizations, and geographies, helping to further reduce volatility.


  • Focuses on generating attractive risk adjusted returns, in addition to lowering risk
  • Invests in financially stable stocks with historically consistent earnings
  • Uses a mosaic of investment factors: value, sentiment, growth and quality
  • Fully diversified with extensive risk management
  • Only invests in developed markets


  • Can participate in normal and up markets while protecting in down markets
  • Provides a lower volatility pattern of returns
  • Suitable as a core global equity allocation
  • Minimizes exposure to macro-economic risks

Portfolio Sub-Advisors

  • Lazard Asset Management

    Lazard Equity Advantage Team

Fundserv : BIP

Fund Number
A SC 430 440
A DSC 431 446
A LL 432 442
AH SC 450 -
AH DSC 474 -
AH LL 452 -
F - 433 443
FH - 453 -