Lazard Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Fund Series F (CAD)

  • Distribution Frequency: Annually
  • Number of Holdings: 158
  • Total Net Assets: C$13 M


The Lazard Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Fund is a multi-asset portfolio designed to produce similar returns to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index over the long-term while generating a lower volatility pattern of returns. This is achieved through dynamic allocation to specialized Lazard investment portfolios covering a range of emerging market asset classes.


  • Diversified across six different Lazard EM strategies covering equities, debt and currencies
  • Seeks to add value through security selection and asset allocation
  • Ability to actively change allocation to equities and fixed income
  • Targets 25% less volatility than the MSCI Emerging Markets Index


  • Provides comprehensive exposure to all emerging market asset classes in a single portfolio
  • Offers two sources of potential alpha generation through all market cycles
  • Can re-position to participate in rising markets and defend in declining markets
  • Aims to avoid the extreme outcomes typically found in emerging markets

Portfolio Sub-Advisors

  • Lazard Asset Management

    Lazard Multi Asset Team

Fundserv : BIP

Fund Number
A SC 123 125
A DSC 234 236
A LL 247 249
F - 505 507